Local 802 makes gain of almost $500K

Financial Vice President's report

Volume 123, No. 6June, 2023

Karen Fisher

I’m happy to report that Local 802 realized a surplus of $478,513 in 2022. The audited financial statements appear here in this issue of Allegro. This surplus was produced by increased work dues income compared to 2021, but a good portion of that money can be attributed to dues on wages earned in 2021 but collected in 2022. As reported in these pages previously, the Recording Department had a backlog of invoices coming out of the pandemic that had to be recalculated and re-sent to members. To date, we’ve received 65 percent of that income. We are counting on you, our members, to pay your work dues. I hope to be able to report that 100 percent of those funds have been paid by the end of this year. If you’re not certain whether or not you still owe work dues, please send an e-mail to

Total revenue for 2022 was $5,185,942 compared to $4,430,155 in 2021, an increase of $755,787 or 17 percent. Total dues collected in 2022 were $2,916,258 more than in 2021, an increase of 182 percent. Total revenues were reduced by losses of $554,725 sustained in our investment portfolio. This was due to the overall U.S. stock market decline at the end of 2022.

Our expenditures increased by $1.1 million over 2021. This is because nearly all the staff members who were laid off during Covid have been rehired or replaced. Personnel expenses are always our biggest expenditure. With more staff working onsite, building expenses — which cover items such as cleaning, security, and waste removal — were also larger by $249,809. However, we achieved savings in general expenses: they were $233,805 less in 2022 compared to 2021.

In the next few years, we will be making important capital improvements to our building. (See Sara Cutler’s article “Going green: an evolving discussion at Local 802,” published in January 2023.) This will require a significant initial cash outlay. However, in the end, much of the funding will come from grants, tax incentives and reimbursements. This investment in our future will not only bring our building up to current city codes for health and safety and reduce emissions, but will make Local 802 a more pleasant place to work and visit for employees and members alike. I encourage everyone to attend the upcoming June 7 membership meeting (which will be offered both in-person and on Zoom). At the meeting, we will be voting on an important bylaw amendment that has to do with how the union will finance and pay for our building upgrades. Here’s how to attend.


In Concert Department news, I am pleased to report that the musicians of Orchestra Lumos (formerly Stamford Symphony) overwhelmingly ratified a new, two-year contract. Wages will increase by 2.5 percent in year one and 3.5 percent in year two. Health benefits will increase by 7.5 percent and 7 percent in years one and two, respectively. Orchestra Lumos engages in a great deal of educational and community outreach programs besides holding a regular concert series. We were able to update and clarify that language and added a process for handling probationary musicians. Congratulations to the musicians of the orchestra and their hardworking committee: Sue Lorentsen, Peter Weitzner, Laura Bald, John Dent, Kathleen Thompson and Kathleen Nestor.

Negotiations for a successor agreement with the New York Pops are beginning this month. Once we know the outcome of those negotiations, Local 802 will be able to promulgate new single engagement rates. I urge the Pops and all freelance musicians to stay in communication with your orchestra committees so that they can best represent you in these important negotiations.

Of course, my door is always open as well! Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall.

Thank you to Alla Emelianova, CPA for her excellent ongoing work as Local 802’s financial controller and for contributing to this column.