First student jam attracts new faces & new energy

Jamming & Learning

Volume 118, No. 4April, 2018

The Council for Living Music produced its first ever Jazz Mentors Student Jam in mid-March at Local 802. The jam was conceived by the Local 802 Jazz Committee, with the direct support of members Henry Conerway III, Rebecca Patterson, Kevin Blancq and Alvester Garnett. The band was led by drummer Henry Conerway III and featured bassist Endea Owens and pianist John Chin. Saxophonist-vocalist Camille Thurman was the special guest artist. High school students from Fairlawn High School in Fairlawn, New Jersey were chaperoned by member Gary Guzio and their band director, Scot Avidon. Likewise, jazz committee member Kevin Blancq brought saxophonist Marvin Carter from LaGuardia High School in Manhattan. The jam also attracted students through the New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s jazz program, which included vocalist Khemi Medina. Member Crystal Garner brought her daughter, guitarist-vocalist Jasmine Morris, and vocalist Victoria Csatay was chaperoned by her mother, Laura Csatay. Participating student musicians included Stefan Hopwood, Daniella Ruzinov, Isaac Ketter, Ariya Bali, Victoria Csatay, Fred Meckler, Mshindi Williams, Isaiah Thornton and Nicolson Pierre. For all of the student musicians, it was their first jam session.

Photos contributed by Todd Bryant Weeks, Bettina Covo, Alvester Garnett and Henry Conerway III.