Former Steven Scott Leaders Lose Decision

Focus on Club Dates

Volume CVII, No. 7/8July, 2007

Jim Hannen

On May 3, Local 802 won a default arbitration award in the case of unpaid health benefits for members employed by Steven Scott through the end of 2005.

A default award simply means that the other side never showed up to refute the charges.

(This is understandable since Scott had no defense.)

The award of $33,498.74 includes attorney and arbitrator fees.

Named in the award as responsible parties are all past and present Steven Scott entities, including Anthony Mills Music and Todd Barrie Music and Entertainment.

Former Scott leaders Stuart White and Marvin Austin used a legal route to avoid arbitration.

Local 802 is still pursuing them through proceedings at the New York State Employment Relations Board.

The employers have 90 days to attempt to vacate the award.

After that, Local 802 attorney Harvey Mars will pursue collection — on behalf of the Local 802 Health Benefit Plan — by all necessary means, including going after the personal assets of those named.

Local 802 remains eager to negotiate with all former Steven Scott leaders and committed to do whatever it takes to get them under contract.

So far, only Ike Walkover has chosen to pay musicians’ benefits via a union contract (see article in last month’s Allegro here.

The others continue to reward their attorneys rather than musicians.