“Four Reasons I Like Obama”

Member to Member

Volume CVIII, No. 12December, 2008

Wayne Hankin
  1. He has a true position on culture. There is no question this man believes arts must play a significant role in the revival of our economic and educational future.
  2. Obama is forming a staff with a keen knowledge of how to bring his ideas of change into legislative reality. This may produce an array of economic and cultural developments not seen since Johnson’s Great Society over 40 years ago.
  3. Obama will address education in a different way. The present administration’s emphasis on testing was a death knell for any arts-related program. A country where all students have the same opportunity will benefit everyone in the long run.
  4. Obama will ask artists to think outside the box. No one has to be told that the profession has changed over the years. Therefore musicians must begin to address present and future problems creating a different musical environment that innovates and protects our profession for years to come. Saving jobs on Broadway is merely a small answer to our much larger worldwide problem. That problems deals with a public that must change in order for them to listen better. If we can accomplish that, then they will respond with stronger, genuine support towards us. 

We have a different person approaching the podium of the presidency. It is time for us to listen and follow his lead as we progress from one cultural movement to the next.