Grievance Corner

Volume CIII, No. 4April, 2003


On Jan. 27, the National Labor Relations Board ordered the American Opera Musical Theatre Company to post an order saying that it will bargain with Local 802.

The union has been in dispute with the company since 1998, when it agreed to negotiate with 802 then reneged. The company’s owner, Diana Corto, has also used student musicians to replace 802 members. Musicians who have been unfortunate enough to perform with Corto report that her tours quickly become nightmares of frustration.

The Labor Board’s ruling means that Corto will have to post the order in her own apartment, which doubles as the company’s offices. Corto had until Feb. 10 to sign an affidavit affirming that she complied with the order.

Local 802 has issued an active warning: under no circumstances should musicians accept an engagement with Diana Corto. Musicians who hear of a production by Diana Corto or the American Opera Musical Theatre Company, whether in New York or anywhere else, should contact the union immediately.