Grievance Corner

Volume CVI, No. 1January, 2006

Metropolitan Opera Guild. Local 802 settled a grievance against the Metropolitan Opera Guild for failure to offer work according to the seniority provisions of our collective bargaining agreement. Because the grievance was not resolved in initial meetings between the shop steward and management, 802 filed for arbitration with the New York State Employment Relations Board, as specified by the grievance provisions of the CBA. Before reaching the Board, however, the grievance was settled in a final meeting between the 802 representative, the shop steward, and management. The employer agreed to make a $400 contribution to the musician’s health benefits plan.

Wonderful Town. A settlement agreement was reached by and between Local 802 and the League of American Theatres and Producers regarding the cancellation of performances from November 6 through November 9, 2003. The performances were cancelled because the star, Donna Murphy, was ill and her understudy was not prepared to go on. This resulted in musicians losing five performances of pay plus pension and health benefits. As part of the settlement with the League, twenty-four musicians received over $22,000—the equivalent of wages for four performances—plus the applicable health and pension contributions. The League also agreed that, in the future, if there has been a paid performance of any show, should any performance(s) subsequently be cancelled during the first scheduled week of paid public performances, full wages and benefits shall be paid. 802 counsel Harvey Mars assisted in this arbitration.