Grievance Corner

Volume CII, No. 11November, 2002


Local 802 won three claims against Zalman Goldstein, president of the Jewish Learning Group, for failure to pay wages, health benefits and pension owed to 61 musicians he hired for a recording made March 10, entitled Chabad Centennial Celebration. Goldstein had originally offered the orchestra below-scale wages with no benefits. After several musicians alerted 802, the union was able to negotiate a contract with Goldstein calling for additional wages, 10 percent pension, health contributions and protections for new use and re-use. At the end of the session, however, the musicians were paid only half of the additional wages called for in the contract, and health and pension payments were not made. In subsequent communication with 802, Goldstein refused to fulfill the terms of the contract. On Aug. 29, an arbitrator rendered three judgements against Goldstein for breach of contract. Local 802 intends to initiate collection proceedings if necessary.