‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’


Volume 112, No. 11November, 2012

Catching Fire

The AFM sent out this note to members on Oct. 5:

Dear Members,

The AFM is sharing information with the public
about the abusive practice of some film companies who are shipping musical
employment overseas, even as they accept tens of millions of taxpayers’
dollars to subsidize their productions.

This is exactly what may happen with the Lionsgate/Color
Force production of the upcoming "Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

Filming has now begun in Atlanta, Georgia on this
second installment of the "Hunger Games" franchise. After filming is
finished, the state of Georgia will be writing a check for close to $30 million
to the film’s producers. The AFM is very concerned that they will then turn
around and take the music scoring for this film overseas.

Please be advised, that Article 15, Section 3 of
the Bylaws of the American Federation of Musicians provides that:

3(a). No AFM member may perform services (whether
as composer, arranger, copyist, proofreader, instrumentalist, leader,
contractor, cutter, editor, or in any other capacity): (1) where the product of
the services is intended to result in, or be embodied in, recorded music made
outside of the United States and Canada and the possessions of either; or (2)
for the purpose of producing, editing, or dubbing recorded music except where
expressly authorized and covered by a contract with the AFM or when expressly
authorized by the AFM.

3(b). Any member violating Section3(a) shall be
subject to a fine not exceeding $50,000 and/or expulsion.

If you are approached by anyone regarding
employment on "Hunger Games: Catching Fire," you should first contact
Matt Allen or me at (323) 461-5401, or at If you have
additional information about this production or further questions please contact
us as well.

Thanks for your attention,

(signed) Richard T. Gabriel

[Mr. Gabriel is director of the AFM’s

Electronic Media Services Division]