Ike Walkover Signs With 802

Volume CVII, No. 6June, 2007

Jim Hannen

Former Steven Scott leader Ike Walkover has become the newest signatory in the club date field. Since Steven Scott ceased operations early last year, Local 802 has been working to convince all the former Scott leaders to continue to provide their musicians with health and pension benefits.

Walkover, who obviously values his musicians, decided several months ago to talk with us about ways to provide his musicians with valuable union benefits while addressing the unique concerns of a new business in this competitive field. We applaud Ike for doing the right thing.

More than a year after the dissolution of Steven Scott, Local 802 is still working to get other Scott leaders to negotiate. Last year charges were filed at the New York State Employment Relations Board against Marvin Austin Productions, Stuart White Productions, Anthony Mills Music, Todd Barrie Music and Ike Walkover Music & Entertainment.

Hearings were scheduled in May at the state board to resolve charges brought against the other Scott leaders who have, thus far, decided to spend their dollars on attorneys, rather than on health benefits and the dignity of retirement benefits for their musicians.

In other club date developments, charges against Shloime Dachs are still pending at the state labor board. Dachs signed a recognition agreement with 802 but has refused to sign the negotiated Jewish Club Date Agreement. We expect to get a complaint issued against Dachs and are prepared to take whatever further action is required.

The Organizing Department is currently looking at targets in all areas of the club date field with an emphasis on those offices posing the greatest competitive threat to signatory employers. An increased visibility in the field is also planned. All members working for nonunion club date employers are urged to call the Organizing or Contract Administration Departments at (212) 245-4802. Calls may be anonymous and are always confidential.