In Brief

Volume CX, No. 7/8July, 2010


Justice now! The Local 802 Executive Board has unanimously passed a motion opposing Arizona’s anti-immigration legislation. The union will also send a letter to the governor of Arizona expressing our opposition.

Arizona’s infamous anti-immigration law is scheduled to go into effect on July 29. The legislation obligates police to determine a person’s immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal alien. This is supposed to happen only during a “lawful stop, detention or arrest.”

This may have consequences for touring musicians, especially if police think that they look like “illegal aliens.”

That is, imagine that a theatre production is touring Arizona, and a Latino musician goes out on the town. If any kind of misunderstanding occurs, she could be detained by the police. And if the musician happens to not have her driver’s license (or passport) on her, she could be in for a very bad night.

This law is undemocratic because it is based on profiling. It puts undue stress on anyone who looks like an “illegal alien.” And it’s simply the wrong approach to deal with the question of immigration. If you visit Arizona and have personal experience with this impending law, e-mail


A newly appointed Public Relations Subcommittee will revive and expand Local 802’s campaign to promote live music.

Many strategies are being discussed, with the intention of “branding” Local 802 and, in particular, promoting the importance of live music, by using media and political and celebrity connections.

The goal is to remind the public that New York City is the live music capital of the world and to remind local politicians and businesses that live music helps the city’s economy.

The subcommittee includes Local 802 Executive Board members Bud Burridge, Martha Hyde, Gail Kruvand and Clint Sharman. They will confer with Paul Molloy, the union’s public relations and political director.

The subcommittee reports to the three full-time officers as well as the rest of the Executive Board.


New York’s primary election is Sept. 14, but you must be registered to vote by Aug. 20. If you’re not registered, Local 802 can help. Contact Paul Molloy at Our endorsements will appear later on our website and via 802 Notes, our electronic newsletter.


Local 802 recently won $7,500 in wages and pension for music prep musicians.

We recovered $1,500 for the arranger for “Mr. and Mrs. Fitch” at the Second Stage Theatre after the poducer hadn’t paid up.

We also won $6,000 in payments for Liza Minnelli’s orchestrator and copyist. Minnelli’s live show “Liza’s at the Palace” was later taped as a concert film at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for public television. This triggered new use payments for musicians.

The collections were a joint effort between Local 802 Music Prep Administrator Steve Danenberg and Local 802 attorney Harvey Mars.

For more information, e-mail


Local 802 members passed two bylaw resolutions at the union’s June 16 membership meeting.

The first had to do with hearing charges against officers. Members passed the proposal as printed in the April 2010 issue of Allegro. The resolution has several components, but the upshot is that any charges against officers will be heard by a Trial Committee of members, not an outside arbitrator.

The second resolution was passed with this language: “Effective July 1, 2010, the Local shall contribute to the A.F. of M. & E.P.F. on behalf of its officers an amount equivalent to 10% of their salaries.”

This serves as the official notice of these resolutions.


The Local 802 Executive Board recently approved a budget of up to $7,000 for audio-visual improvements to the Club Room. The funding will be requested from the Coordinating Advisory Committee.

The CAC is a unique union body, because it places a cash fund called the Special Projects and Services Fund in the hands of union members to disburse according to specified guidelines. The fund is financed by member annual dues, with three-quarters of one percent allocated to the fund. For more information about the CAC, e-mail Recording Vice President John O’Connor at


Union members who purchase a new iPhone 4 can save $198 over their two-year contract on a basic monthly service and data plan (450 minutes and 200MB of data) with the Union Plus AT&T discount. Members who buy higher rate plans can save even more. See for this offer and more details. AT&T is the only unionized wireless provider.


Do you participate in the catastrophic medical plan offered by American Insurance Administrators? Local 802 originally presented this plan to members, but does not offer it anymore.

If you are on this plan and you think you might need to make a claim, please contact Martha Hyde or Harvey Mars if you think you might need help with the claim.

If you tried to enroll in the catastrophic plan when Local 802 first offered it and you were denied enrollment, Martha Hyde and Harvey Mars are interested in talking to you. Please feel free to contact either one.

Martha can be reached at Harvey can be reached at