IN BRIEF: The Dues Increase

Volume CIII, No. 9September, 2003

At the AFM Convention in June, delegates voted on an emergency financial package to keep the union strong. At the same time, Local 802 is proposing its own dues increase.

What are the main dues increases from the AFM?
AFM delegates voted for a $2/year increase in annual dues each year for the next four years, and, for the first time, payment fees on film and sound special payments distributions.

What are the main dues increases from Local 802?
802 is proposing to raise work dues to 3.5 percent from the current 3 percent for all nonelectronic work, like symphonic engagements. (For electronic work, including recording, dues would increase to 4 percent from the current 3.5 percent.) The union is also proposing to raise its annual dues to $182/year in 2004, $194/year in 2005, $206/year in 2006 and $208/year in 2007. (The current annual dues are $170.) These changes would incorporate the $2/year increases that the AFM mandated.

Are there any other changes or increases in dues?
Yes. Both the AFM and 802 resolutions are very detailed. The AFM resolution is printed in full here and the 802 resolution can be found here (it’s called Resolution #2).

Do we get to vote on this?
The AFM dues increases were already ratified by delegates to the convention and therefore are mandated. The 802 dues increases will be voted on by members at the October membership meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 21 at 3 p.m. in the Club Room. (There are a total of six new resolutions to vote on – see details here.)

How did this come about?
See Bill Dennison’s article “Report on the AFM Convention”.

Why is there a dues increase now?
See Bill Moriarity’s president’s report “The AFM Financial Package” and Tina Hafemeister’s article “Local 802 Proposes Dues Increase”.