Introducing Women of 802

Women's History Month

Volume 119, No. 3March, 2019

The Women of 802 Committee

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new committee, Women of 802. Our mission is to recognize and channel the power and leadership skills of the women-identifying members of 802 by promoting networking, fostering specific support, and increasing gender parity. A women’s committee at our local offers independent space to allow for strategizing and engaging membership on a variety of issues.

Union policies and workplace practices can benefit from examination by a committee of members whose interests may not have been historically represented. Women of 802 offers an opportunity to create a culture that allows for strategizing, articulating grievances, community-building, and policy development. Our aim is to create a support system throughout the entire membership through networking events and panel discussions. These events can encourage women to meet one another, learn from luminaries in various musical fields, and be inspired to take leadership roles in the workplace.

Women of 802 is committed to promoting transparency and the thoughtful exchange of ideas among membership to create a more equitable, and representative, professional and interpersonal environment at the union. We will work with the current administration and dedicated committees to promote equality in our field by examining how to navigate power imbalances. Our workshops will offer tools to advocate for yourself in the workplace, such as how build a resume, execute a successful audition, and negotiate a fair wage. A proven measure of success in an individual’s career is mentorship, and we would encourage those relationships through our networking events for women from varied backgrounds and generations.

Through our committee, examination of long-standing customs and the development of new initiatives can benefit all members. For example, our industry can do more to help families, and we would like to explore ways that pregnant women and young parents can be supported as they balance work and family life. Equality in the workplace can be aided to a greater extent by examining ways in which the workplace can be more representative and conscious of the needs of all members. Traditional hiring practices and the structure of job distribution can be examined to ensure fair employment. We would also like to organize performance opportunities outside of conventional institutions, such as arranging and presenting outreach concerts through the Musicians’ Performance Trust Fund.

Musicians in New York City are impacted not only by CBAs within local institutions, but national contracts implemented by the AFM. It is important we keep an open dialogue with national leaders, ensuring the interests of musicians who perform on television or with a touring artist are heard. Communication and solidarity with other locals will be essential in creating workplace protections and fair wages in broadcasting, recording, and arena tours.

Through our workshops and union-wide events, examination of long-standing contracts and policies, and promotion of local actions, we hope to bring a fresh perspective to the issues musicians face today. Member engagement can encourage greater confidence for women in the workplace and bring greater equanimity to our industry. We recognize that for the union to succeed, we are compelled to explore a broad range of issues that affect a diverse array of musicians and offer comprehensive solutions. We look forward to communicating with the administration, staff, fellow committees, and above all membership to develop a positive, representative vision for what our union can be.

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