It’s Time to Promote Yourself

Volume 117, No. 12December, 2017

Local 802’s new online musician referral directory gives you the tools you need to create or enhance your digital presence. Start making new connections. Create your profile today! It’s FREE for active Local 802 members.

Local 802’s online musician referral directory is now open for enrollment at Take advantage of this new promotional tool. It’s a benefit of being a member of Local 802 – and it’s FREE! Promote your services on two different profile pages. Create an individual profile page to promote your work as a teacher, performer, copyist, arranger or recording artist. You can also create a band/ensemble page to promote your band, chamber group or large ensemble. is intended to function as a promotional tool for union members. It’s also designed as a way to guarantee that you’re paid the wages and benefits you deserve. Any work that is referred through the site must be filed on appropriate union contracts. (If you’ve never filed your gigs on a union contract before, don’t worry! We can help you, and we’ve also posted a handy guide called “What To Do When You Get A Referral” at

The site is still in beta mode, so now’s the time to act. We’ve hidden it from search engines so that members can preview and proofread their profiles before we go live. The official launch will take place when we have a critical mass of Local 802 members enrolled. Then we’ll begin promoting and marketing the site to attract potential clients. Don’t wait! Take advantage of this amazing new promotional tool today!

Suggestions and feedback are encouraged. Please use contact form or call (212) 245-1091. For more information, visit To get started, follow the steps below.


  1. Check out to see how other Local 802 members have set up their profiles.
  2. Make sure that your union dues are paid up. You’ll also need to know your Local 802 card number. (You can check both items by contacting the Membership Dept at 212-245-4802 or our membership portal at
  3. Make sure you have photos of yourself and your band. Get your bio and description ready.
  4. Set aside some time. When you’re ready, go to and click on “How to Enroll in Ten Easy Steps”

For questions or assistance, e-mail below or call (212) 245-1091.