Knowledge is Power

Electronic Music Committee

Volume 118, No. 11November, 2018

The Electronic Music Committee was formed as a think tank to collect data and start a meaningful conversation about the usage of electronics on Broadway. The EMC consists of industry professionals representing a wide cross section of the Broadway community, including music directors, orchestrators, synth programmers, and instrumentalists. All Local 802 members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Since our last article, the EMC has been hard at work rolling out its objectives. Our Electronics on Broadway Survey has now been sent out to nearly all individuals who work with electronic devices on Broadway. As we continue to collect responses to our survey, we are simultaneously channeling our efforts into our other deliverables, including a layman’s guide to electronic music and a glossary of electronic music terms.

A great deal of time and planning goes into the execution of these tasks. In order to coordinate our efforts in an effective and timely manner, the EMC taps into the various strengths of our members in the form of subcommittees, which allow all members to have the opportunity to participate and take on leadership roles.

During the creation of our Electronics on Broadway survey, for example, this was crucial to enable us to collect the best possible data set. Working as subcommittees, EMC members volunteered to hold their own meetings to workshop the content and structure of each of our surveys tailored for music directors, orchestrators, programmers, and performers.

In addition to our network of EMC members, a number of Broadway community members outside of the EMC graciously gave their time to offer feedback for the beta trials of our surveys.

Once we receive all the responses to our final surveys, our Data Analytics Team will be able to process our findings for further analysis by the full committee.

Our Messaging Team has been responsible for crafting and refining language that we present as a committee. This team crafted the language used in the introduction of the surveys, and is responsible for writing the content for our Allegro articles, for example.

Our Layman’s Guide Subcommittee, is hard at work crafting educational content that is as easily understood as possible, using accessible graphics to translate music technology concepts.

Another ongoing project for the EMC is our electronic music glossary of terms. This will accompany our Layman’s Guide, and will serve as an additional resource allowing laypeople to look up unfamiliar terms related to music technology.

We at the EMC hope to cultivate the next generation of leaders in Local 802 by offering our members a variety of opportunities to take on leadership roles. We become much stronger by decentralizing our efforts, relying on a variety of perspectives, and welcoming the help of the entire Broadway community.

If you have any questions, want to learn more, or wish to participate in the EMC, please feel free to contact EMC Facilitator Chris Reza at or (212) 470-2369.