What Local 802 does for you

A message from the Leadership Committee

Volume 124, No. 1January, 2024

What Local 802 Does For You

1. Contracts 

A union contract, also known as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a binding agreement between an employer and Local 802. Terms of the agreement typically last for one year or more. Prior to the expiration, both parties meet to negotiate updates and concerns they want addressed in the new contract term.  A memorandum of agreement (MOA) is created and, once ratified, is attached to the CBA. Making Local 802 the responsible entity for negotiating and enforcement of CBAs gives musicians bargaining leverage and strength beyond the scope of individual voices.

2. Negotiations

Local 802 partners with elected rank and file orchestra committees to negotiate new contract terms with an employer. Orchestra committees promote interests and concerns of the bargaining unit (generally rostered players). Fair wages, benefits and working conditions are mandatory subjects of bargaining. Local 802 consistently pursues new language to protect musicians as the music industry evolves.

3. Organizing
Organizing new bargaining units is a primary goal of a multi-employer labor union. A successful organizing campaign results in a new negotiated contract with union wages and protections and frequently adds new members to the union. Local 802 assists musicians who want to unionize. Local 802 also reaches out to non-union employers in efforts to sign their organizations onto union contracts.

4. Public Relations
Local 802 uses publicity to make its beliefs, actions and requirements known in the community. It allows our collective voice and vision to reach a large audience. We show support for our Bargaining Units, other Labor movements and to build support for our positions with the public. 

5. Government Relations 
Maintaining strong relations with officials in community, city, state and federal governments and forming new ones is an essential responsibility of Local 802. These connections give 802 resources and a stronger political voice with which to promote our values and mission.

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