Local 802 kids win MPTF scholarships

Volume 120, No. 10November, 2020

In early October, Local 802 announced that multiple students whose parents are professional musicians won a Music Family Scholarship from the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund.

“We are thrilled these families being recognized in this way,” said Local 802 President Adam Krauthamer. “With most of our live music events on hold due to COVID-19, this recognition serves as a reminder to us all of the enduring value of music in our lives and society.”

The winning students were Luke Danni, Rulon Feeney, Alessia Hu, Ronan McKinnon, Jasper Rubin and Maya Stepansky. Most scholarships were $500 awards, with a few valued at $2,000.

The MPTF established this scholarship during a time of great challenge and change to encourage the children of professional musicians, and even the musicians themselves, to pursue higher education and become leaders in their chosen fields. Applicants were encouraged to write an essay describing the impact growing up in a music family has had on their own lives.

“Many themes emerged in the application essays we received — perseverance, passion, contribution, commitment, practice — and we were gratified by everyone’s words of optimism and determination,” said Dan Beck, MPTF Trustee. “Those selected most uniquely expressed the lessons they’ve learned from growing up in a music family.”

The recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public service organization whose mission is to support admission-free, live events performed by professional musicians throughout the United States and Canada. Established more than 70 years ago, the MPTF is funded by music companies including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Interested parties may contact Samantha Ramos at (212) 391-3950 or, or visit