Looking for Housing?

How does $635 a month sound to you?

Volume 111, No. 5May, 2011

The Schermerhorn: housing for artists at $635 a month.

Are you a single musician looking for housing? We have some news! There’s a terrific new affordable housing opportunity for single adults who work in performing arts and entertainment.

Studio apartments in the brand-new facility known as the Schermerhorn are available and applications are being accepted. The building is in downtown Brooklyn.

The monthly rent is about $635. You read that right: $635!

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The average waitlist for qualified applicants is 6 months to 1 year.

To be eligible, you have to be single and you have to make between $21,770 and $33,300 a year.

Located on Schermerhorn between Hoyt and Smith Streets, the Schermerhorn is an 11-story, 85,000 square foot building featuring numerous “eco-elements,” including a roof-top garden, a “green” terrace, a high-efficiency boiler system, the use of nontoxic sustainable materials and natural lighting.

“The Schermerhorn is a safe, artist-friendly environment,” said Brandee Younger. “As a harpist, I appreciate being in an elevator building with 24-hour security.”

Managed by the Actors Fund and built in partnership with Common Ground Community, the Schermerhorn, which opened in 2009, also has its own rehearsal room with a piano.

Additionally, a black box, multi-purpose performance space is almost completed. This space will be open to the Brooklyn arts and entertainment community for rehearsals and performances, films, exhibitions, community art shows and other cultural activities.

And the Brooklyn Ballet, a professional, not-for-profit dance company, is now in residence in a ground floor space visible to the public.

Approximately half of the 200-plus apartments are designated for low-income performing arts and entertainment professionals,.

Local 802 members are welcome to apply.

“The Actors Fund is excited and proud of our newest residence,” said Actors Fund President and CEO Joe Benincasa.

Benincasa added, “The Schermerhorn responds to the critical need for supportive housing for our community and recognizes the invaluable role the arts play in the successful economic revitalization of urban neighborhoods.”

Schermerhorn staff is collaborating with such organizations as the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, local arts organizations and local social service and health service providers in developing programs for the residents to enhance a dialogue with the community.

Residents can find on-site performances by local groups, workshops on such topics as preventive health care, nutrition, financial wellness, career development and women’s health.

The Schermerhorn also looks forward to establishing traditions of social gatherings and special events.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Schermerhorn and can be downloaded at

Anyone with questions about the application process should call (212) 489-2020, ext. 115.