Membership meeting minutes (Feb. 7, 2024)

Volume 124, No. 3March, 2024

Local 802 Membership Meeting

February 7, 2024

Minutes submitted by Executive Board members Lynne Cohen and Bud Burridge

Meeting called to order at 5:15pm by Local 802 President Sara Cutler

Opening remarks included introduction of titled officers Karen Fisher (Financial Vice President) and Harvey Mars (Recording Vice President), Local 802 Attorney Steven Farkas, 802 Chief of Staff Dan Point and Executive Board members Lynne Cohen and Bud Burridge who would take minutes of the meeting.

Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda.

Motion carried.

Roll call of officers.

Charges against 802 Recording Vice President Harvey Mars read by member Larry Siegel. Motion made and seconded to dismiss the charges on the grounds that the alleged act did not rise to the level of malfeasance.

Motion made and seconded to limit each speaker to two minutes.

Motion carried.

Discussion held on the motion to dismiss the charges.

Cutler reviewed the procedure if charges move forward. Cutler described the polling process and anonymity.

Voting was conducted by secret ballot vote on Zoom and in the 802 Clubroom.

Votes tallied with 91 in favor of dismissing charges (74 opposed).

Charges were dismissed at 6:21 P.M.

Cutler reported on:

  • A recent Broadway settlement of a Special Situations application
  • Negotiations with the Perelman Arts Center
  • Ongoing green renovation of the Local 802 building

Fisher reported on:

  • Bronx Arts Ensemble negotiation
  • St. Luke’s Orchestra ratification of its recent CBA
  • New Jersey Festival Orchestra
  • Committee Training to be provided by the AFM
  • Mostly Mozart (Festival Orchestra of Lincoln Center)

Cutler thanked member Matthew Jaimes for contributing gender neutral edits to Local 802 Bylaws.

Quorum lost at 6:40pm

Mars reported on:

  • Promulgated contract for smaller ensembles
  • Fundraising scale agreement
  • Jazzharmonic
  • Engeman Theatre

Member Juliet Haffner requested an 802 response to congestion pricing. Cutler explained current discussion of the topic and possible remedies.