Mental health services

Volume 123, No. 5May, 2023

Entertainment Community Fund

The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) is a national human services organization that helps address the specific needs of musicians and other entertainment professionals — with a unique understanding of the challenges involved with a life in the arts and the knowledge of what it takes to thrive in an often-unpredictable industry.

In recognition of Mental Health Month, the Entertainment Community Fund shines a spotlight on the mental health services available to members of Local 802 through the Fund.

When faced with personal stress, anxiety, depression or life transitions, musicians can turn to the Fund for confidential support, including help determining mental health needs, short-term supportive counseling, referrals to ongoing care and guidance on understanding mental health insurance coverage.

In addition to individual care, free online support groups provide a safe space to connect, share resources, and offer and receive support. Led by licensed social workers, the Fund’s groups have helped people handle uncertainty, find healthy ways to cope, manage relationships and loneliness, explore gender identity, provide ongoing care for loved ones, deal with loss, foster hope and find resilience.

For those seeking a sense of balance and peace in their daily lives, Mindfulness Meditation is available Monday through Friday at noon. An ongoing 30-minute drop-in meditation focusing on the breath, this regular offering helps manage and reduce everyday stress.

Whether seeking short-term counseling, ongoing care, group support or a daily sense of calm, the Fund is here to provide compassionate care.

The mental health services of the Entertainment Community Fund are available to all members of Local 802. To learn more, please visit