Musicians Say “Thank You for Keeping the Music of Broadway Alive”

Volume CII, No. 2February, 2002

During the last two weeks of December Broadway orchestra members distributed nearly 25,000 “Seasons Greeting” postcards to theatregoers. The free postcards were a gesture of appreciation to audience members for their unflagging support of the theatre during the post-9/11 period in New York City.

“We wanted to find a way to thank audience members who kept the theatres lit during this period,” said Bill Dennison, Assistant to the President. “Orchestra members did a great job in getting the cards out to audience members throughout the theatre district, and I think people appreciated the gesture.”

“We couldn’t give them out fast enough,” one Theatre Committee representative told Allegro. “People wanted several, and they stopped and talked about how much they enjoyed the music.” Others reported giving the postcards to audience members who stopped by the orchestra pit or waited at the stage door after the show ended.

Other orchestras distributed the cards in retail establishments throughout the theatre district. One supplied them to a large parking garage, which handed the cards out to patrons as they parked. “The stores and restaurants we went to were happy to place them on their counters,” said another Theatre Committee member. “I went back a couple of times to give them more, because they went so fast.”

In addition to the postcards, a full-page ad ran in Playbill throughout the month of January, thanking audience members for “keeping the music of Broadway alive.” A copy of the ad was printed in last month’s Allegro.