Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIII, No. 2February, 2003


Local 802 and the Cathedral of St. Patrick have reached agreement on a first collective bargaining agreement. The two-year deal recognizes the union as the collective bargaining representative of all musicians engaged for all work performed at St. Patrick’s. Wages and benefits are to be paid at full freelance scale. In addition, St. Patrick’s will pay the difference up to full freelance scale for any concerts funded by the Music Performance Trust Funds.

The most important gain is the immediate formation of three primary hiring lists, one for the chamber symphony, one for the period instrument orchestra and one for religious services. The inclusion of these rosters guarantees job security for musicians who have been working under the current music director. Unfortunately, musicians who had worked at St. Patrick’s in the past, often “off the books,” were not protected. Therefore, when the last music director was let go, the union was unable to help those musicians keep their jobs. The new agreement precludes this kind of treatment.

The contract provides the employer with two breaks. Christmas Eve local TV broadcasts may be paid at the AFM National Religious Services rate. And evening rehearsals with singers not normally available in the day may be paid at the day rehearsal rate.

The musicians overwhelmingly ratified the agreement on Jan. 6.


AZ, Songs of Charles Aznavour: Local 802 has reached an agreement with Town Square Productions for six musicians performing in a reading production of AZ, Songs of Charles Aznavour. The minimum scale is $800 for 30-hours over an eight-day work period. The premium for the music director/conductor is 50 percent and the associate conductor’s premium is 30 percent. Overtime is calculated at double the pro rata hourly rate in one hour segments. The health benefit contributions are $54 per week and pension is 8 percent of all wages. Musicians are reimbursed for cartage expenses.

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