Negotiations Roundup

Volume C, No. 9September, 2000


Members of Dicapo Opera recently ratified a new three-year agreement by a vote of 4 to 0. Performance and rehearsal wages increase almost 15 percent each (7 percent in the first year, 4 percent in the second, and 3.5 percent in the third), rising to $57.59 and $18.43 per hour, respectively, by the third year of the contract. Pension increases from 7 percent to 8.5 percent in year one, to 9.5 percent in the second year, and to 10.5 percent in the third. These rates apply only when Dicapo plays in their small venue on East 76th Street. Should the company perform in a major hall (such as Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall), and whenever they co-produce, musicians will receive full Local 802 Ballet and Opera rates, including all applicable pension and health contributions.


Imperfect Chemistry: Seven musicians are covered by a one-year agreement with Back To Back Productions for this musical at the 388-seat Minetta Lane Theatre. Their minimum weekly wage is $750 for eight or fewer performances over a six-day work week. Premiums include: 50 percent for the music director; 15 percent for the associate music director during performances, and 30 per cent during rehearsals; and 15 percent for the designated contractor. The rehearsal/audition musician receives $800 for a 40-hour/six-day week and $35 per hour for a minimum two-hour call. Orchestra rehearsals are $24 per hour, for a minimum two-hour call. Dress rehearsals are paid as performances.

A 121/2 percent premium will be paid for the first and 61/4 percent for each additional double, and the synthesizer premium is 25 percent. Vacation is cumulative for 25 weeks and paid at 6 percent of wages. Beginning in the 26th week, the musicians will receive 6 percent in their weekly checks. Health benefits are $50 per week and pension is 8 percent of wages. All musicians have identity with the product for three years after the agreement ends.

Godspell: A contract with Paul Morer Productions, Inc. covers the five musicians in this production at the 147-seat St. Peter’s Church. The side musician minimum is $550 for eight or fewer performances in a six-day week, with an additional 25 percent premium for the band leader. The rehearsal/audition scale is $800 for a 40-hour/six-day work week and $35 per hour for a minimum two-hour call. The orchestra rehearsal scale is $20 per hour, also for a minimum two-hour call and a one-hour rehearsal just prior to or following a performance is $40. Premiums includes 121/2 percent for the first and 61/4 percent for each additional double, and 201/2 percent for synthesizer. Vacation pay of 6 percent begins in the 11th week of performances, health benefits are $50 per week and pension is 8 percent.

For information regarding Off-Broadway call Senior Theatre Rep. Mary Donovan at (212) 245-4802, ext. 156.