Negotiations Roundup

Volume CII, No. 3March, 2002


The Last 5 Years: Local 802 has negotiated a one-year agreement with The Last 5 Years, L.L.C., Roy Gabay, General Manager, Arielle Tepper & Marty Bell, Producers, for the six musicians performing in this production at the 399-seat Minetta Lane Theatre. The minimum scale wage for side musicians is $765, and includes one guaranteed double. All premiums are paid on a base of $700. The music director receives a 50 percent premium for rehearsals and performance, the associate receives 15 percent, and the designated contractor is paid 50 percent. The rehearsal/audition musician receives $800 for a 40-hour/six-day work week and $30 per hour for a minimum two-hour call. Orchestra rehearsals are $20 per hour for a minimum two-hour call. Rehearsal overtime is paid at time-and-one-half.

Premiums include 12½ percent for the first double, 6¼ percent for each additional double and 25 percent for synthesizer. The pension contribution is 8 percent of total wages, including vacation, and health benefit contributions are $50 per week. Musicians receive one week’s paid vacation after 25 performances and 4 percent in their weekly wages thereafter.

For information regarding Off-Broadway, call Senior Theatre Rep Mary Donovan at (212) 245-4802, ext. 156.