Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIV, No. 4April, 2004


“Naked Boys Singing!” After six months of lengthy and tough negotiations, which included an unfair labor charge against the employer, a new contract was finally reached with Boyzco, L.L.P. (Jaime Cesa, general manager). The musical takes place at the 170-seat Actor’s Playhouse. Wages and benefits are paid at $579.30 in the first year (an increase of 3 percent), $620.46 in the second year (an increase of 4 percent) and $626.55 in the third year (an increase of 4 percent). The contract also increases pension to 9 percent (from 8 percent) in year two of the agreement. The music director received the wage increase retroactive to Sept. 1, 2003. Local 802 attorney Harvey Mars assisted in the negotiations.

“Open Heart” Local 802 reached an agreement with the 180-seat Cherry Lane Theatre covering the solo musician/music director. The minimum scale for a seven-performance week or a 36-hour rehearsal week is $646.17. Following the first week of rehearsals the hourly rehearsal rate is $20 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call. Rehearsal overtime of time and a half begins after 36 hours in a week, 7.5 hours in a day or after 7 p.m. Except during technical rehearsal weeks, the musician will be paid at straight time for a maximum of 78 hours over the two-week period with no more than 48 hours in a week. In the event that the production extends performances at the same theatre, beginning in the ninth week of performances the musician receives a 25 percent increase over the minimum weekly scale. Also as of the ninth week of performance the musician receives a 4 percent vacation premium weekly. The health benefits are capped at $50 per week and the pension is 8 percent. The musician has identity with the product, and music preparation is paid at 80 percent of general price list.

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