Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIV, No. 5May, 2004


Chef Theatre.” A one-year agreement was negotiated with Chef’s Theatre Holdings, LLC, (Marty Bell, producer) for its production of “Chef Theatre” at the Edison Supper Club.

The side musician minimum scale is $1,000 for an eight-performance week which includes a guaranteed double at 12.5 percent. The performances are three hours or less. There is also a cabaret minimum scale of $175 per one-hour performance which does not include a guaranteed double.

The premium for the music director is 50 percent; the premium for the associate conductor is 15 percent, and the contractor, if employed, earns a premium of 50 percent.

The rehearsal/audition musician minimum scale is $1,000 for a 40-hour, six-day week. The hourly scale is $50 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call. Orchestra rehearsals are $40 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call.

The standard doubling rate is 12.5 percent for the first double and 6.25 percent for each additional double. Overtime is time-and-a-half after 40 hours or after 7 p.m. Vacation is 4 percent and begins as of the 16th week of employment. Health benefits are $7.25 per call and are capped at $58 per week. Musicians earn sick time off for every 52 performances worked. Pension is 9 percent. Musician preparation is paid at 100 percent of general price list.

There are five regular musicians in the production and all have identity with the product.

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