Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIV, No. 11November, 2004

Except where noted, the following agreements include health benefits of $7.25 per call (capped at $58 per week), doubling premiums of 12.5 percent for the first and 6.25 percent for each additional, a synthesizer premium of 25 percent, and a librarian premium of 12.5 percent. Pension pays 9 percent. Dress rehearsals are paid as performances. Musicians are reimbursed for transporting cartage instruments. Musicians earn one sick performance time off for every 48 performances worked. The agreements also guarantee the musicians run of the show and identity of product.

“Two Cities.” A contract was negotiated with Peaceful Nights, L.L.C. (Arlene Scanlon, producer) for the New York rehearsals of this show and its run-out production to the Rich Forum Theatre in Stamford. The minimum weekly scale wages for an 8 performance week are $772.50 for side musicians. The music director premium is 50 percent above the minimum. If this production moves to another theatre of 399 seats or less, the wages will remain the same. However if the production moves to a theatre of 400 to 499 seats, the wages will increase to a minimum weekly scale of $844.60. The rehearsal/audition musician scale for a 40-hour/six-day week is $824 with an hourly scale of $33.47 per hour and a minimum two-hour call. The orchestra hourly scale is $22.66 per hour with a minimum two-hour call. If the show moves to a theatre within Local 802’s jurisdiction, the musicians will be credited with five weeks’ vacation for the Stamford run. The scale for music preparation is 100 percent of the general price list. There are three musicians in the production. There is a ban on virtual orchestra machines in the contract.

“Bare: A Pop Opera.” A two-year collective bargaining agreement was negotiated with Bare Two, L.L.C., Dodger Stage Holding Theatricals, Inc. for this first production in one of the Dodgers’ new theatres — the 499-seat Stage I at Dodgers Stages. The side musician minimum scale wages for an eight-performance week are $844.60. The music conductor and the associate conductor premiums are 50 and 15 percent respectively. The playing contractor premium is 25 percent for the six-member orchestra. The minimum scale wages for the rehearsal/audition musicians are $927 for a four-hour/six-day week. Hourly rehearsals are $33.47 and $22.66 for the orchestra, with a minimum two-hour call. The musicians receive an on-stage in-costume premium of $31.59, which is 30 percent of the Broadway rate. Musicians will also receive an additional instrument maintenance fee of $25 weekly. If the production goes into a sixth month, the fee will be increased to $50 weekly. Vacation premiums are 4 percent above the minimums and begin as of the seventh week of performance. There is an annual 3 percent pay increase. Musicians all have identity of product rights. The employer has agreed in the contract to a ban on the virtual orchestra machine.


“Mi Vida En Jira/A Life…A Broad.” An agreement was negotiated with In The Moment Productions (Melanie Ray, producer) covering six musicians in this production. “Mi Vida…” is unusual in that the production takes place at three different venues, Nuyorican Poet’s Café, the West Bank Café, and the Barrow Group Studios. The musicians will be working for a minimum scale per performance of $75 over an eight-week run. The music director receives a premium of 25 percent. If performances go beyond the eight weeks, the musicians will receive a 25 percent pay increase. The rehearsal/audition musician scale is $618 for a 40-hour/six-day week and the hourly scale is $23.17 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call. The orchestra rehearsal scale is $20 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call. The musicians receive an on-stage premium of 30 percent of the Broadway rate, which turns out to be $18.95 per week. The vacation premium is 4 percent. Music preparation is 100 percent of the general price list. The contract contains a ban on the virtual orchestra machine.

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