Negotiations Roundup

Volume CVIII, No. 2February, 2008

Mary Donovan

With the conclusion of 2007, Local 802 wrapped up several contracts for Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway productions. Producers for MAKE ME A SONG and FRANKENSTEIN agreed to the terms of Local 802’s Commercial Off Broadway Area Standards. (This is also called the “pink book.” For terms and conditions, see and click on “Wage & Contract Info” from the upper right, blue bar menus.) One performing musician was covered for “Make Me a Song,” and six performing musicians and two orchestrators were covered for “Frankenstein.”

The collective bargaining agreement for WANDA’S WORLD covers three musicians at the 99-seat 45th Street Theatre. The wage and working conditions were structured similar to agreements with members of the Association of Not-For-Profit Theatre Companies (ANTC). The side musician wages are $583.50 for a 36-hour rehearsal week over six days. The music director premium is 25 percent above the side musician scale wages. However, “Wanda’s World” differs in one important aspect. It is a children’s production and therefore there are nine 90-minute shows over a six-day workweek. Like other ANTC agreements, the engagement is limited to 56 performances. If there is an extension of the production, the musicians earn a 25 percent increase in scale wages and 6 percent vacation. Health benefits are capped at $70 per week per musician and pension pays 9 percent of all wages. Music preparation pays 80 percent of General Price List.

The Public Theatre produced THE BROTHER SIZE in their 99-seat Shiva Theatre, which is not covered by its regular Off Broadway nonprofit agreement. However, the Public agreed to cover the one musician under the terms of that contract with the rehearsal and performances at 90 percent of that scale. The regular contract is available on our Web site, under “Wage & Scale Info,” then “Non-Profit Off-Broadway Agreement.”

A backer’s developmental workshop contract for IVORY JOE COLE covering 11 musicians was negotiated with Rich Martini Management. The side musicians’ scale wages is $515 for 35 hours per week over three weeks, including two presentations. The music director earns an additional 50 percent premium. Doubling and synthesizer premium percentages are consistent with the Broadway contract. Music preparation pays 100 percent of General Price List.

Quite different from regular Off Broadway productions, Local 802 was presented with JERRY SPRINGER: THE OPERA, a “theatrical concert” going into Carnegie Hall. The union determined that the most logical agreement for the production was the club date contract. That agreement specifies a four-hour Saturday night scale for performances at Carnegie Hall, which is currently $300 per performance. All other appropriate club date scales will be utilized for rehearsals, premiums and benefits. The full terms of the club date agreement are available on the union’s Web site. (You must log in as a member to view this particular scale.) Eight musicians and the conductor will be covered for this production.


As Allegro goes to press, we’re wrapping up negotiations over “South Pacific,” which will open at the Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center on March 1. In addition we’re working on a choreographic session, the show “Brigadoon,” and “An Evening With Mandy Patinkin and Patti LuPone.”