Negotiations Roundup

Volume CII, No. 10October, 2002


Local 802 has reached a four-month collective bargaining agreement with Lincoln Center for seven musicians performing at the 299-seat Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre. The agreement provides a minimum weekly scale wage for side musicians of $670, plus one guaranteed double, for a total of $753.75, an increase of approximately 121/2 percent over the previous agreement. Premiums include 50 percent for the music director, 60 percent for the conductor and 45 percent for the assistant music director. (Included in the conductor’s and music director’s premiums is a premium for synthesizer.) The rehearsal/audition musician scale is $875 for a 42-hour/six-day work week and $34 per hour. The orchestra rehearsal scale is $22 per hour for a minimum two-hour call. Other premiums include 121/2 percent for the librarian and first double, with additional doubles paid at 61/4 percent. Vacation is 5 percent, pension is 8 percent and health is $54 per week. Music preparation wages and benefits are paid according to the General Price List. All musicians have identity with the product.


A three-year agreement with Piglet, L.L.C., Eric Krebs, producer, provides a scale wage of $610 per week for an eight-performance week for side musicians in this production at the 286-seat John Houseman Theatre. Premiums are 50 percent for the music director and 15 percent for the associate conductor. The rehearsal/audition musician scale for a 42-hour/six-day week is $800 and $25 per hour. The orchestra scale is $20 per hour for a minimum two-hour call. Other premiums include 121/2 percent for the librarian and first double, and 61/4 percent for additional doubles. Vacation of one week is paid after 25 weeks of employment, pension is 8 percent and health is $54 per week. Sick leave is earned as one performance for every 48 performances and transporting cartage instruments is reimbursed. Music preparation wages are 80 percent of General Price List, and benefits are paid at 100 percent. All musicians have identity with the product.


Local 802 and Jillbern Music reached a one-year agreement on Aug. 15. The contract guarantees a minimum scale wage of $175 for a three-hour show and promises that musicians will not lose any overscale as a result of the agreement. It provides for pension contributions of 10 percent, health contributions and travel pay. It also includes a first-call and substitute roster list.

Jillbern Music is led by Local 802 member Herb Bernstein and usually features vocalist Michael Amante. The agreement covers all engagements except those that take place at major concert halls, arenas and theatres. Such engagements will be covered by the Single Engagement Club Date Agreement.

The contract has been approved by the Executive Board and ratified by the band members.

Any questions regarding the agreement should be directed to Jim Hannen at ext. 141.


The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and Local 802 have agreed to a three-year contract that pays full freelance scale. Performance wages will increase on Sept. 12 from $175 to $186 for performances of 21/2 hours or less and the rehearsal hourly rate will move from $35 per hour to $37. The performance and hourly rehearsal rates increase to $200 and $39, respectively, the following year.

The employer agreed to notify the union in advance of any engagement that utilizes a synthesizer, and to provide the union with musical scores or parts to prove that a synthesizer is not being used to replace an acoustic instrument. This clause came about after some controversy developed last March over the use of a synthesizer at Carnegie Hall.

Another important new provision recognizes the position of shop steward, who will have the authority to initiate a grievance. The steward will be selected from the roster by the union or the orchestra.

Lastly, 802 and the chorus agreed to meet no later than 60 days from the conclusion of the last service of the 2002-03 season to form a primary hiring list. The agreement will expire Sept. 11, 2004.