Welcome to our new (and returning) members!

October 2022

Volume 122, No. 9October, 2022


(as of Sept. 7, 2022)

Click each name below to learn more about our members and listen to their music. (P.S…if your name appears on the list below without a link your website, send an e-mail to and we’ll link your website):

Sean S. Alexander (trumpet)
Andrew Friedman (guitar)
Bushdoctor Andydee (drums)
Thomas J. Barth (cello)
Karen K. Bartholomew (piano)
Ryan Paul Blihovde (drums)
Nathan J. Chamberlain (guitar)
Sarah Elizabeth S Charles (vocalist)
Jelena Cingara (piano)
Jacinta Clusellas (guitar)
Ethan L. Cohen (drums)
Gabriel Costache (percussion)
Michelle M. Curran (arranger)
Skye M. Dearborn (trombone)
Jose Delossantos (alto sax)
Jacob Drab (guitar)
Oana Dumitrascu (violin)
Raymond Flores (bass trombone)
William Freeman (trombone)
Mark Fugina (librarian)
Robin Gould III (drums)
Andrew Graham (piano)
Jason A. Ingram (trombone)
Kevin M. Johnson (trumpet)
Elyse Knobloch (flute)
Zachary Kuhn (guitar)
Gregory LaRosa (percussion)
Samantha Lake (tuba)
Rachel A. Lanskey (viola)
Ross Larocca (french horn)
Ryan J. Lepage (trumpet)
Elaine Li (librarian)
Emelyne Lobel (harp)
Niles Luther (cello)
Mitchell Lyon (cello)
Sophia C. Manoloff (trumpet)
Renee Masse (piano)
Liam T. Mcdonald (percussion)
Jakob Messinetti (bass)
Don Mikkelsen (trombone)
Amanda Wagner Monaco (guitar)
Mason L. Moss (keyboards)
Anna Nordmoe (violin)
Morgan N. Parker (drums)
Anthony M. Peterson (guitar)
Dan Pugach (drums)
Matthew Richards (alto sax)
Cort A. Roberts (french horn)
Jose M. Rodriguez (baroque dbl bass)
Aaron David Romero (electric bass)
Joe Linden Ruddick (piano)
Dean Scarlett (trombone)
Sophia C. Shedd (harp)
Justin Smith (bass)
Andrew W. Sorg (trumpet)
Samuel K. Starobin (bass)
Isaiah J. Thompson (piano)
Megan Torti (flute)
Yoshi Weinberg (flute)
James D. Whiting (percussion)
Kunbo X. Xu (viola)
Yu Chen Yang (piano)