New York State Primary Endorsements

Don't forget to vote on September 13th

Volume 118, No. 9September, 2018

Chris Carroll

Visit to find your polling location and a sample ballot.

As many musicians and New Yorkers have seen in recent years, all politics is local and one of the best ways to impact our lives and careers is through local legislation and engagement. This year, voters will be going to the polls for a Sept. 13 primary for State Senate, State Assembly, Attorney General and Governor. These races will have serious implications on our neighborhoods and the overall legislative trajectory of our state for years to come and is especially important as we move closer to the 2020 census and subsequent redistricting that will take place.

Local 802 has announced a slate of endorsements for candidates in races running for office throughout the five boroughs. These candidates have shown – either through their track record or through an extensive interview and vetting process – that they are aligned with the priorities of our union and have committed to our local agenda.

Each candidate received unanimous support from Local 802’s Executive Board after committing to prioritize supporting labor issues, solving issues such as education funding, affordable housing, public transportation and congestion, funding for the arts, employment misclassification and subcontracting issues, access to healthcare and other issues that directly affect working musicians.

Our slate of endorsements is subject to change and could be updated in the days leading up to Sept. 13. Please remember that unlike prior years, Primary Day is on a Thursday, not a Tuesday. Plan ahead, decide when you will vote and then make sure to protect that time. On Sept. 13, voting is as important as practicing.

“Live music is thriving across the city, and yet working musicians are often exploited, misclassified, or simply struggling to make ends meet. We’re confident that the candidates we endorsed understand these challenges and will protect musicians against exploitation. Whether by fighting for education funding and greater affordable housing or working to grow the music and arts economy, All of these great candidates have proven they will stand for the many issues that are important to Local 802 members. We look forward to working with this strong slate of candidates to ensure musicians can continue to live, work, and raise a family in New York City.”

–Local 802 President Tino Gagliardi

See a full list of candidates endorsed by Local 802 below. This list is subject to change and may be augmented in the days leading up to the election.