Volume 123, No. 5May, 2023


MEET THE UNION MUSICIANS OF NYC! Today say hello to brand-new Local 802 member Noga Shefi, a Brooklyn-based bass player, songwriter, producer, peace activist and healer from Israel. “My goal is here in NYC is to inspire and stay inspired by other incredible artists,” Noga tells us. “Music is a way to feel belonging and connection and I hope for others to feel that too through making or listening to music.” After graduating with honors from Berklee College of Music in 2010, she moved to NYC and began her touring and performing career spanning different continents and genres. She toured with world-renowned artists Cass McCombs, Delicate Steve and many others, and has been a vibrant part of the NYC music scene for over a decade. Noga continues to perform and collaborate with many artists and bands locally and internationally. She has also self-released her own original music over the years. Most recently, her EP “The Alchemist,” sparked many positive reviews. Noga says, “Music is important to me because it is a language beyond words which means it can reach beyond our thinking minds, and there’s a lot of potency there.” Welcome to the union, Noga! Join Local 802 at