Off Broadway musicians make gains in new contracts

Volume 112, No. 6June, 2012

If it’s off Broadway, it’s union! Local 802’s Theatre Department continues to organize new shows each month, including developmental reading productions and workshops. Remember, if you get called to play music for a theatre show, reading or workshop – no matter how small – call the Theatre Department at (212) 245-4802. We have a great track record in winning fair wages and benefits.

For instance, we recently negotiated a four-year agreement with the York Theatre at Saint Peter’s Church. Musicians will earn a 3 percent wage increase each year as well as increases in health benefit contributions. Weekly performance wages at the York pay a minimum of $610.56 for eight performances or less, Monday to Sunday, with one day off each week. On Sept. 1, the weekly performance wage will increase to $628.88. The rehearsal and audition scales are $675.87 for a 40-hour, six-day week with no more than eight hours in any one day. This rate will increase after Aug. 31. The pension contribution is 9.81 percent.

We negotiated a reading agreement for the production of “Disenchanted Bitches” at the Peter J. Sharp Theatre. Musicians will earn $1,000 per week for rehearsals and $139.19 for each presentation. Health is $165 per week and pension pays 8.72 percent.

We negotiated a workshop agreement for the production of “Big Fish” at the New 42nd Street Studios. Musicians earn $1,662.93 per week for rehearsals and $198.84 for each presentation, plus doubling and music director premiums. Health pays $190 per week and pension is 8.72%.

Finally, we also won contracts in the following shows: “Holler If Ya Here,” “Motown,” “Lost in Love,” “Marry Harry,” “All That Glitters,” “The City Club,” “Hereafter,” “Big Excellent 20th Reunion,” “Fat Camp” “Naked Boys,” and “AHHH HA!”

Contracts that appear in this column were negotiated and written up by the Theatre Department. For more information, contact Claudia Copeland or Theresa Couture at or call (212) 245-4802. If you play in any of these shows and have questions about your rights, please contact us!