Pension Glitch is Solved

Volume CVI, No. 11November, 2006

About a month ago, most Local 802 members received in the mail their annual earnings report from the AFM pension fund. Due to a data processing glitch, some musicians received statements that did not contain complete information about their covered engagements.

The pension fund has investigated the situation and determined that all engagement data that was omitted from the annual statements was received and processed. This data is correct in the fund’s database and is and has been available for calculation of pension benefits.

The engagement data that was omitted from the annual statements pertains to payrolls paid by Entertainment Partners, Talent Partners and the Music Performance Fund for covered engagements remitted to the fund in and after the last calendar quarter of 2005.

The fund will issue revised statements to all musicians who were affected. The fund requests that members not flood the office with phone calls. Rather, musicians are asked to wait until they get their revised statement in the mail, and then if they have questions, the pension fund’s phone number is (212) 284-1200, option 1.