Performance Wellness Training Set for September

Volume CI, No. 9September, 2001

Local 802 members are invited to take part in a seminar in Performance Wellness, to be presented in New York City Sept. 14-16. The program is designed to offer musicians, music educators, music therapists and health professionals who work with musicians a deeper understanding of the implications of stress in performance. It also provides practical tools for allowing the body-mind to become a more resilient “instrument” in the face of stressful situations.

The program addresses performance-related disorders in musicians, which have reached epidemic proportions. One factor that makes this approach unique is that it revolves around the use of music itself as a self-reflecting, transformational tool in dealing with the underlying causes of performance stress.

Local 802 members may already be familiar with this concept, through articles by Dr. Louise Montalvo that have appeared in The International Musician. For more information about the September program contact Musicians’ Wellness at (212) 473-8753;