Prevent injuries and practice safe!

Jazz Mentors XIX

Volume 119, No. 6June, 2019

Todd Weeks and Bettina Covo

All musicians are at risk for injuries – especially as we get older. But what are the best practices for stopping injuries before they happen? In mid-April, we welcomed clinician and occupational therapist Aviva L. Wolff, EdD, who specializes in the study and treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries in musicians. Her clinic and panel discussion were featured in Jazz Mentors XIX, “Musical Health for Instrumentalists: Tips for Injury Prevention and Safe Practice.”

Dr. Wolff, who works with the Hand and Upper Extemity Therapy Center in Manhattan, also works closely with Juilliard. At her workshop, she listed the variety of types of injuries that musicians often experience from overpracticing or overuse. She made a distinction between musculoskeletal and nerve-related injuries and provided vital information for performers that cut across all genres of music.

Dr. Wolff was joined by 802 Jazz Committee and CAC member Rachel Z. Hakim and New School Jazz students Jonah Goldstein and Sotirios Tsolis.

The Jazz Mentors series connects up-and-coming musicians with some of New York City’s premier artists to discuss the business of jazz. Each forum features discussion led by preeminent members and leaders of the jazz community about how to build and maintain a successful music career.

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