Recording Artists Protest

Musicians At Work

Volume CIV, No. 10October, 2004

Summer Smith

Dozens of musicians and their supporters, a marching band, and the inflatable rat were present at an Aug. 14 protest in front of the Knitting Factory.

The club’s recording division — Knitting Factory/Instinct Records — has been violating its artists’ contracts for years by withholding royalties and refusing to return master tapes to artists who are not being promoted or distributed by the label.

In the indie recording field, where union representation is rare, these problems are rampant, and employers frequently take advantage of their unorganized artists.

Knitting Factory/Instinct recording artists, unable to get their grievances resolved individually, organized as a group and sought assistance from Local 802, which is providing legal representation in an artists’ suit against the label.

802’s Organizing Department is also helping the artists with outreach, P.R., and demonstrations.

For more information, and to sign a petition in support of the artists, visit