Russian Music School Appeals for Help

Volume CI, No. 10October, 2001

Yuri Zverev, Dean of the Music Department at Kirov College in Russia, recently wrote 802 member Bill Crow about problems the school is encountering because of acute shortages of musical instruments, CDs, videos, strings, mouthpieces, reeds, sticks, drums, etc.

“If you have possibilities to help us, I am asking you very much to help us, at least those students without parents,” Mr. Zverev wrote. “The merchandise need not be new or without defects. We are asking you to send us as we think it will be useful to us.

“We are in big need of it in our hard times for our college of arts. Maybe it is difficult for you in your prospering country to understand our problems, but we are in a plight. We are pleading for help. Whatever you are capable [of sending], let it be one item, we shall be glad all the same . . .

“I think you know that in our country there are no firms manufacturing musical instruments, drums, etc. In Soviet time these products were delivered from the [German Democratic Republic]. Then it was stopped, and 15 years have passed but the problem still exists. Our instruments are worn out and there is no possibility to repair them.”

Mr. Zverev’s mailing address is: 8th of March Street, House 17, Flat 14, Kirov City 610030, Russia.