Second Chance for Brooklyn Phil Musician

Volume CVIII, No. 12December, 2008

A grievance settlement has been reached between Local 802 and the Brooklyn Philharmonic. The orchestra had terminated a musician because she did not make her attendance requirement, which is 66 percent of subscription concerts over two years.

In year one, this musician did not play many concerts, but in year two she was on maternity leave. In year three, she was back but again did not play many concerts and was terminated at the conclusion of the year.

The union grieved, believing the musician did not have two years in a row to calculate her requirement. The contract also requires timely notification to musicians when they are in danger of not making their attendance requirement. The union contended that this did not happen in this case.
The settlement resulted in the musician being offered this year’s season (six concerts). If she plays four out of the six, she’ll be reinstated with a clean attendance slate beginning next season.