Orchestra of St. Luke’s

Volume 119, No. 7July, 2019

Local 802 and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s ratified a new three-year agreement, expiring Sept. 7, 2021. Wages for performances and rehearsals will increase 3 percent in each year retroactive to Sept. 8, 2018. Recognizing the fragile state of the Local 802 health fund, management agreed to raise their health benefit contributions $2.50 for both performances and rehearsals in each year of the contract. In compliance with the June 2018 mandated pension rehabilitation plan, the new pension contribution rate is 19.18 percent. I wish to thank both the St. Luke’s negotiation committee: Daire Fitzgerald, Michael Powell, Carl Albach, Joseph Anderer, Barry Centanni, and Anca Nicolau, as well as Orchestra of St. Luke’s management for their patience and cooperation throughout the negotiation process. On this page are photos from a recent St. Luke’s rehearsal, taken by Walter Karling.

– Local 802 Financial Vice President Karen Fisher