‘The Harry Show’

Volume 117, No. 3March, 2017

Musicians who perform on NBC’s “The Harry Show” starring Local 802 member Harry Connick Jr. recently won health insurance thanks to Local 802. The musicians had fallen short of the payments required to reach Local 802’s health plan A, but Local 802 was able to get NBC to pay the shortfall, which meant the musicians will be covered under the union’s health plan for the next insurance period. In addition to Harry Connick Jr., the band includes Neal Caine (bass), Mark Braud (trumpet), Lucien Barbarin (trombone), Dion Tucker (trombone), Jonathan Du Bose Jr. (bass), Augie Haas (trumpet), Arthur Latin II (drums), Geoff Burke (saxophone), Jerry Weldon (saxophone) and Andrew Fisher (music director). Photo: NBCUniversal “Harry”/Paul Zimmerman