The Musicians’ Voice

Volume XCIX, No. 9October, 1999


To the Editor:

Another letter from a 22-year former member of the Sesame Street band, who was not allowed to attend contract negotiations. I have just picked up the three checks that were paid me by CTW for selling shows to Noggin Cable TV.

1. $88.64 for 27 Sesame Street programs. That comes to $3.28 per show.

2. $46.00 for 43 programs of The Electric Company. That comes to $1.06 per show.

3. $91.98 for 27 programs of 3-2-1 Contact. That comes to $3.40 per show.

These are television shows that play all over the world all day long and make substantial ongoing profits for their producers.

When I joined the AFM nearly 50 years ago in Hartford, Conn., I used to hear horror stories from the old-time radio guys about contracts like this. Nothing has changed.

–Stephen Little