The Musicians’ Voice

Volume CIII, No. 10October, 2003

To the Editor:

I want 802 members to know what a privilege and pleasure it was to co-chair the AFM’s Joint Law and Finance Committee with your president.

Bill Moriarity is so easy to work with and I was able to garner half the credit while he and George Cohen (the AFM’s general counsel) did all the work.

Only those of us close to the negotiations, which went on day and night, know how much intense effort went into bringing this to a successful conclusion.

These two men, with help from the Joint Committee and its subcommittee, are responsible for putting the Federation in a positive fiscal position for the first time in ten years.

We are all indebted to them.

(By the way, 802 was my first local!)

–Harry Chanson

The writer is president of Local 308 (Santa Barbara) and chair of the AFM Finance Committee.