The Musicians’ Voice

Volume 118, No. 1January, 2018

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The e-mail sent out regarding James Levine’s suspension was both comical and sad and isn’t fooling anybody. Everybody has known about Levine for decades. People who’ve never met him knew. That’s how widespread his reputation is. For 802 to pretend they didn’t know and to act like the high and mighty moral police at this point is absolutely embarrassing. Lying does not make our union stronger nor does being completely oblivious. Worse, if the leadership of 802 does manage to convince everybody you didn’t know then you’re also convincing everybody that you are too ignorant and out of touch to lead your members. It’s one or the other. Liar or just plain oblivious? My vote is liar because I have too much respect for your intelligence to believe the alternative.

–Gregor Kitzis