A tribute to Dr. Janice Grice

Volume 120, No. 7July, 2020

Armen Donelian

I am saddened by the death of Dr. Janet Grice [obituary published in Allegro here]. I performed with Janet as her pianist countless times in the USA and Brazil and on record. Janet was a courageous and accomplished woman who didn’t shy away from a challenge. She had a positive and encouraging outlook that infused her music with joy and spoke to a wide range of audiences. She was a professional band leader in every sense of the word and a collegial bandmate who shared the spotlight with her side musicians with generosity. She was a devoted mother of two fine sons. When I read her obituary, I was shocked as I had no idea that she was ill. She never complained about anything, and she worked very hard to improve herself musically and otherwise. She taught me much about how to live life and, now, how to exit from it with grace and honor. Be well, dear Janet, on your journey into the spheres!

— Armen Donelian