Updated Local 802 Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination, and Emergency Response and Reporting Procedure

Volume 119, No. 5May, 2019


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Local 802 takes incidents of sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination extremely seriously and wants to ensure that all musicians have the support they need to thrive.  Though employers have responsibilities under both Title VII and their collective bargaining agreements to provide safe workplaces for all workers, many musicians nevertheless have been subject to sexual harassment and other forms of discriminatory treatment and have not reported what has occurred for fear of retaliation. Local 802 has taken steps to implement new procedures to allow musicians to safely, comfortably, and effectively report and address sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination in the workplace. We will provide a communication platform that includes a phone hotline, mobile app, and web app to report any incidents of sexual harassment, bullying, or discrimination. All three reporting options will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The objective of these reporting options is to allow members to report instances of inappropriate conduct or safety concerns on the job such as harassment, bullying, ethics or compliance violations, safety hazards, threats, assault, or illegal activity outside the normal reporting chain of command established by your employer’s policy. These options also allow for anonymous reporting to help promote confidentiality and provide safeguards from retaliation.

Please remember, the responsibility to ensure a safe workplace and to investigate claims of on-the-job harassment/discrimination/violence legally rests with the employer. However, Local 802 is here to provide support to its members through the process—from the initial report to the resolution.

What is the Role of the Employer?

  • To provide a copy of the anti-discrimination and harassment policy on your first day of employment
  • To make the policy readily available throughout your employment
  • To follow the policy on harassment when complaints are made
  • To investigate harassment and discrimination claims

What is the Role of Local 802?


  • Demand that employers provide a safe workplace for Local 802 members
  • Help members access their employer’s harassment policy
  • Take action if employers do not have harassment policies or fail to conduct full and fair harassment investigations
  • Help members navigate their options
  • Help members navigate the reporting and investigative processes
  • Protect members from potential retaliation or reprisals
  • Help keep the employer accountable


  • Intervene in situations where a member doesn’t want us to be involved
  • Take over the Employer’s responsibility to investigate and remedy harassment
  • Take action to implement a specific remedy

Ways to Report

With each reporting option, members have a choice to report anonymously or not. If members provide their name, then the union can respond directly to the individual and provide support and resources.


a. Make a report through Local 802’s hotline at (646) 971-0604.

b. When connected with intake personnel, state that you are an “802 member”

c. Provide information to trained WeTip report intake personnel.

d. The hotline number can also be accessed via the mobile app and web app under the “Get Help” resource heading.


a. With the STOPit mobile app, you can report incidents to Local 802, which may include text and photos or video.

b. You can also use STOPit Messenger, which provides for two-way anonymous communication between you and Local 802. With STOPit Messenger, Local 802 can respond to your report to ask questions, and you are able to provide more information, while remaining completely anonymous.

c. Download STOPit for free through the App Store or Google Play.

d. Begin a report by entering the access code “802member” when prompted (code is not case-sensitive.)

WEB APP (24/7)

a. Go to the STOPit reporting website at

b. Begin a report by entering the access code “802member” when prompted (code is not case-sensitive.)

c. Use the “Report” heading to submit an incident.

After a report is made using the hotline or either of the STOPit apps, a notice will be sent to Local 802’s trained harassment reporting liaison. The liaison will work with the appropriate business representative(s) to take action. A copy of Local 802’s Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination, and Emergency Response and Reporting Procedure will be available for reference on the Member Docs page of the online member portal at