We Love the New York POPS!

Photo Feature

Volume CXI, No. 1January, 2011

A recent rehearsal at Carnegie Hall shows the Pops hard at work.
Photos by Walter Karling.

Jeff Carney and Sherrie Maricle

Cellists, front to back: David Heiss (principal), Bruce Rogers, Adam Grabois and Zoe Hassman. Bassists: Bill Ellison (left) and Jon Beal

Clockwise from top right: Danielle Farina, Ron Aaron (principal), Jack Rosenberg and Christine Ims

Barry Centanni

Karen Karlsrud (left) and Elaine Sutin

Concertmaster Cenovia Cummins and the violin section

Norm Freeman (timpani) and Neil Balm (trumpet)

Clockwise from far right: Harry Searing, Randall Ellis, Marsha Heller and Charles McCracken