Whitney Blues (poem)

Volume 123, No. 2February, 2023

Whitney Blues

By Cheryl Brandon

Tears on my pillow

As if I knew you

I’m every woman

As if I am you


Waiting to exhale

As if I took breaths with you

Step by Step

As if I took steps with you


Although we never met

I often prayed for you

You sang my favorite song

I will always love you


So, Ms. Whitney take your bow

My love is your love now

You gave us the greatest love of all

So you can sing with the angels now


Although your music will live on forever

No one will ever fill your shoes

Go on and dance with somebody


But we will forever have Whitney Blues

Cheryl Brandon is a published poet and union organizer who has worked at Local 802 since 2022

Photo montage at top from public domain images of Whitney Houston via Wikipedia