Why Did You Join the Union?

Volume CIX, No. 2February, 2009

From time to time, as space permits, Allegro will spotlight some new or readmitted members.

Having just moved to New York City to pursue my career in music, I thought joining Local 802 would be a great way to familiarize myself with the artistic community and to take advantage of the many opportunities available to performers here. My aim is to form lasting musical collaborations and to perform as much as possible! I’m a cellist.

Ashley Bathgate

I joined Local 802 after getting a few recording sessions at scale and from there got acquainted with the union. My goal is to expand into other areas not typically associated with my instrument. Playing the bagpipes can most of the time be limited to weddings and funerals. I am confident that with the union I will be exposed to different elements that will help me to grow in my abilities and profession.

Jerry Dixon

I recently moved to the New York area and am looking to get reestablished. I have also been a faithful member of the Atlanta and Los Angeles locals for the past 10 years. My musical goal in New York City is to explore and grow my musical capabilities to their highest extent. I play harp.

Riza Hequibal

I’d like to start playing Broadway shows like my dad did in the 60’s, 70’s ,80’s and 90’s. I play drum set and percussion.

Ben Perowsky

I decided to join Local 802 because I wanted to be a part of one of the best musical communities in New York City. I also believe that we as musicians need to collaborate together to keep our music alive and well. My instruments are flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and all saxophones.

Rosemary Rutledge

I joined Local 802 for the many benefits and valuable contacts it provides, among many other things I’m still learning about that I’m sure will help me in my career.

My musical goal is to be one of three founding fathers of FAST!WARSHIP, the most intense, epic, loudest yet audible, powerfully dynamic, fun-to-watch metal band in the universe, while gaining much respect and popularity for the epic album that is yet to be released, and our intensely intense performances.

I play two custom Warmoth six-strings and an ESP seven-string with the G string tuned to an F#. 

Patrick Shea 

My husband’s job change brought us to Brooklyn this past summer and I look forward to meeting new people and tapping into the amazing musical culture here in New York City. I’m a violinist and was previously a member of AFM Local 92 (Buffalo) for seven years, working with groups all over the Western New York area including the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Autumn Shepherd