Why Did You Join the Union?

Volume CVIII, No. 10October, 2008

From time to time, as space permits, Allegro will spotlight some new or readmitted members.

Joining Local 802 has helped to secure my place in the New York City music scene. While the union protects my interests, my membership helps to make it a stronger organization, so we both win.
 As a musical multi-tasker who can at anytime be playing guitar at rock club, producing a singer/songwriter record, scoring a film, or composing a jingle for a TV commercial, it’s reassuring to know that the AFM has my back as I try to make art and make it as a musician in NYC.
 I look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial relationship!

Riley McMahon

I recently joined Local 802 after freelancing in the New York area and playing for a lot of voice teachers, choirs and orchestras. I am excited to be a part of this tremendous network since I am now at a point where I’d like to share my talent and knowledge in Broadway and musical theatre. My specialty is piano, keyboards and conducting. I am very much looking forward to this wonderful experience!

Dror Baitel

I feel that the union is our best defense against those who would take advantage of a noble group of artists.

Freddie Simpson

I just moved to Manhattan after receiving my bachelor’s degree in studio music and jazz drum set performance from the University of Miami Frost School of Music. I joined Local 802 to perform on Broadway: I am a sub at “Legally Blonde.” My principal instrument is drum set; my musical goals in New York City are to perform on Broadway both as a drummer and a singer/actor/dancer, perform all over the city with my original music and as a side musician for artists, do studio sessions and any other work I can get as a drummer and singer!

Nicole Marcus

I am joining Local 802 for the opportunity to continue my oboe, English horn and oboe d’amore playing in New York City after 19 years of performing in southeast Michigan. I am especially interested in chamber orchestra and chamber music playing.

Arianna Kalian 

I joined Local 802 because of my involvement with the musical “A Tale of Two Cities.” I started out working as a music intern for the music director, Kevin Stites. During the rehearsal process I decided to join the union just in case they needed another rehearsal pianist. As luck would have it, I was asked to play a morning tech rehearsal at the theatre, so it was fortuitous I had joined. Later in the process, I played keyboard for the first orchestra rehearsal. In the future, I hope to continue my involvement with musicals in New York as a keyboardist, while also aspiring to be a music director as well.

Kevin David Thomas

I just graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in jazz performance. I have been gigging in New Orleans for the last eight years playing everything — jazz, rock, blues, funk and musicals. My goal with Local 802 is to meet serious musicians and become a full time gigging musician ASAP.

Sean Bradley