Why Did You Join the Union?

Volume CVIII, No. 12December, 2008

From time to time, as space permits, Allegro will spotlight some new or readmitted members.

I am a composer/guitarist born and living in Brooklyn. I have played in many bands (Samsara, Lazlo Bane, Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories, to name a few). I own and operate Sixty Cycle Music, which is a recording studio where I have produced, recorded, composed, arranged and mixed many recordings. I am currently the composer for “Private Practice” on WABC.

Tim Bright

I joined Local 802 to work at the Metropolitan Opera House. My principal instrument is the piano.

Caren Levine

I am a violinist and composer in both the classical and rock fields. I joined Local 802 because I moved to New York quite recently, and I welcome the limitless networking opportunities of New York city’s musical scene. My goal is to get my music heard!

Andrii Didorenko

I have returned to New York City to be the assistant chorus master at the Metropolitan Opera. As a coach and pianist, it is great to be back in the mecca of the arts!

Joseph Gregory Lawson

I joined Local 802 because I just did music for a commercial that would air on prime time network television and I needed to join in order to get royalties. I work here in New York doing many things. My main occupation is music production. I also work as a touring keys and synth player. Besides that I always work on my own music and collaborate with other artists on projects that range from rock and jazz to electronic and avant garde. My main goal in New York is to work as music producer at the highest levels and keep releasing my own music.

Alon Leventon

I am a guitarist originally from Norway. I just joined Local 802 because I believe the organization is doing an excellent job working for musicians’ rights and interests. I am proud to be listed side by side with so many outstanding musicians. My goal is to continue working as a guitarist in New York and to finish my second solo album. I enjoy playing many styles of music including jazz, rock, pop, country and classical.

Jostein Gulbrandsen